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Dessi is an emerging artist with oil on canvas as her preferred medium. Asian and Buddhist themes inspire her most recent series.

For a private viewing of her collection, visit her for an intimate evening at her home. You might be treated to a gourmet dinner by her husband who’s known to throw magnificent dinner parties.

If you are in the Chicago neighborhood of East Lakeview don’t miss the chance to see a rare piece of Dessi’s earlier work hanging on the wall of the local Caribou Coffee (Broadway & Aldine). As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in this case – a dumpster diver who happens to love coffee.

After six years of Computer Science and Math degrees and six more of climbing the corporate ladder, Dessi decided to take a plunge into the vibrant and unknown world of art and quench her thirst for creativity.

Born and raised in communist Bulgaria, Dessi grew up in an environment where her originality and expression was not encouraged. In fact, she had to be christened in secrecy because religion and spirituality was frowned upon. Following her childhood dream, after graduating high-school, she came to the US in 1999. Chicago has been her home for the last 14 years.

DessiArt, oil paintings, buddha art, chicago cityscapes
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